I am a multipotential who is loves research and has adopted the principle of lifelong learning. I continue my education Kocaeli University department of Information Systems Engineering. I think i can pass easily last class technique lessons. Then why am i going to university?

I am entrepreneurial and there are always risks on the basis of entrepreneurship. I created a comfort zone to minimize these risk effects and i can make my attempts freely.

I spend my time and energy for personal and technical development. Some of the technologies, techniques and tools i use;

I Used

I am able to produce value in the sector. In 2016, i entered this sector as Freelancer. This choice not only to advanced me in the field of technical training, also improved me in customer relations. Another thing I gained as a freelancer is time management. This sector gave me a different experience when I was under pressure

Another great thing that Freelance adventure earned me was the ability to research. After learning the research I suppose i know all knowledge until i realize learned english searching. The source of information I could reach was very large when english searching. What I realized when I saw this difference is "It's not about memorization, point is access and quickly learn and apply that information."

I don't want to learn unless not needed information. As a matter of fact i can't learn as thinking like this. I know how to find and learn a information when needed. I am definitely in favor of practical training.

In High School, I had the opportunity to go abroad. I was the most successful student about Java & Android education in the Czech Republic. The secret of these achievements is very simple I was only a few years ahead of my time. If you can see 40 meters in your car, you may notice the accident. But if you can see 400 meters ahead, you can see that the road is blocked then you can head to other roads. My target is 4 miles...

But was that exactly success? No. Reading a book or have a lot of knowledge is not a success unless you meet the needs of others. I can't describe the happiness I got when I did my first freelance job but as export-conscious even if the first overseas job created very little value, it made me so happy.

I was interested in music, bought a violin and learned by myself thanks to ability to research. I was interested in art, I bought a drawing tablet and I draw. I play Chess actively. I love minimalizm and nature.

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